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Volunteer Requirements

Child Protection Policy - All Volunteers

The Archdiocese of Washington was one of the first dioceses in the nation to have a written Child Protection Policy, education on child protection and the first to use electronic fingerprinting for background checks. Our policy has become a model for dioceses nationwide and is available online at Archdiocese of Washington.

If you have worked with children in our parishes and schools, you know that any adult who has substantial contact with children must complete an application, an electronic background check if you are a volunteer (fingerprinted for a criminal background check if you are an employee-see fingerprinting form below), and attend a child protection education workshop at VIRTUS Online.  A complete check list to follow can be found below.

The program used for these workshops, Protecting God’s Children for Adults, is nationally recognized and held across the Archdiocese throughout the year in English and Spanish. Children in Archdiocesan schools and religious education programs also receive education on how to recognize abuse and protect themselves. In fall 2008, Touching Safety, a safe environment program that has been successfully used in 50 other dioceses, was implemented as the core curriculum for schools and parishes. The program supports the teachings of the Catholic Church, has age-appropriate lessons and connects with the education for adults.


Parish Coordinator: Mr. Keith Poindexter, 301-894-2222rectory@holyfamilyparishmd.org
School Coordinator: Mrs. Gail Daughtridge, 301-894-2323, gdaughtridge@holyfamilymd.org

If you do not have access to Internet, please contact coordinator.


  1. Please print this Check List out for reference.
  2. Register for an account on VIRTUS  (www.virtus.org).  During on-line registration, read  “ADW Code of Conduct.”  (Note:  This must be completed and recorded on VIRTUS before a background screening appointment is scheduled – #5 below).
  3. Sign up for a Child Protection Training within 60 days from the date of your background check.  Dates can be found on by CLICKING HERE  (http://adw.org/child-protection-training/)
  4. Click here and complete Volunteer Application Form (http://adw.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Volunteer-Application-2014.pdf) and give to your Coordinator.  Do not mail any applications to the ADW Office of Child and Youth Protection.
  5. Background Screening Appointment:  Contact Parish or School Coordinator (see above) to make an appointment to complete electronic background check.

(Note:  #2 and #3 must be completed and recorded on VIRTUS before a background screening appointment is scheduled.)

Must bring the following to the appointment:

    • Completed Volunteer Application form
    • Check or Money Order made payable to Holy Family for $18.50
    • Two forms of government issued unexpired identification.  One must be a picture ID.
  1. After attending Child Protection Training: Read the policy booklet. Complete and sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt & Review Form of the Archdiocese of Washington Protection Policy Booklet (Appendix E of policy book received at training).  Return it to coordinator within 30 days after training.
  2. Check your VIRTUS Account monthly to complete your required reading and questions.