Holy Family School

Our Staff

Our Staff


Leadership Team and Educators

Please get to know our wonderful teachers, staff and administrators who work tirelessly to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes learning and spiritual growth.

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Mrs. Michelle Taylor


Gail Daughtride.JPG

Ms. Gail Daughtridge


Extended Care Director

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Mrs. Lynda WyatT

5th Grade HomeROom

Middle School Social Studies

Middle School Religion

6th Grade Homeroom

Middle School MatH

Mr. Kevin Wilkinson

8th Grade Homeroom

Middle School Reading

Middle School English and Language Arts

Mrs. Mary Walton

7th grade homeroom

Middle School scienCE Teacher

Third Grade Teacher

Katelyn Bockin.JPG

Ms. Katelyn Bockin

Second Grade Teacher

Barbara Wynn.JPG

Mrs. Barbara Wynn

First Grade Teacher

Yvette Whittaker.JPG

Mrs. Yvette Whittaker

Kindergarten Teacher

Nadia Ahmed.JPG

Mrs. Nadia Ahmed

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Physical Education