Holy Family School



Mother of a First Grader

"My daughter currently attends Holy Family. I must say they exceeded my expectations in education and nurturing of her young mind. All the students are very respectful and I know that's a reflection of the school and lessons they instill in them. I plan to send my other daughter next year when she's of age. Holy Family was the best choice for an amazing education for my child. Small classroom size has been wonderful!


"Holy Family has been a great school for my daughter. She started attending Holy Family at PK3 and is now a 5th grade student. Although we have moved further away, I decided to keep my child at Holy Family. The quality of education she has received cannot be matched. It is worth the additional travel time.


Father of  A Fifth Grader

Mary - '82

"My favorite memories from Holy Family are great friends and the warm welcome I received when I transferred to Holy Family in 5th grade. I received a terrific overall education, and specifically a great math education.


"I remember fondly all of the second graders I taught from 1991-1999. And, of course, I had the pleasure of working with fantastic colleagues who I was happy to call friends. It was a pleasure to teach at Holy Family School.


Mrs. Fergeson - Former Teacher